• What is a hyper-local product finder?   (top)

  • Imagine you are sitting outside a café, and you have the sudden desire to buy a particular item. However, you have no idea which store is selling it locally. Problematic? Not anymore.

    A hyper-local product finder means that after inputing your product query, you will be shown the information you are keen to see, such as product pictures, prices, and descriptions, as well mapped out directions to nearby shops selling this item -- without even needing to enter your postal address, because your geographic location has been automatically determined for you!

    The majority of shoppers are currently using the internet and mobile devices to research product information, guessing which shop is selling the product they are looking for, finding out if it is in stock and at what price, and then mapping the various store locations to see where they can go to buy it most conveniently.

    Hyper-kocal product finders cater to all of these time-consuming activities, but replaces it with one easy step.

  • Why choose the THUNDRE hyper-local product finder to promote your products?   (top)

  • THUNDRE has 3 very loud features:

    (1) THUNDRE's product vouchers are pay-for-performance. This means that retailers pay only when the products they are promoting are actually sold to shoppers using a special discount voucher which each individual retailer defines to work for them. This is the most accountable method of advertising available. It means that bricks-and-mortar retailers now have the sort of highly targeted, pay for performance advertising that has before now only been available for online retailers. Shoppers also think it is a win-win situation that they can find the product they are looking for fast, as well recieve a discount.

    (2) A bricks-and-mortar retailer's products will be added to THUNDRE in seconds because we use real-time indexing. You can advertise each product with ease because of our straight-forward product entry system, and make real-time changes as needed. [You only need to enter your store details once.]

    (3) A bricks-and-mortar retailer's products will show up on not just one but a growing network of publishers which utilise our hyper-local product finder technology and data. Your product and shop information will show up on the internet as well as mobile phones.

    Images of the Augmented Reality Product Finder Created by THUNDRE

  • What is an augmented reality product finder?   (top)

  • Augmented reality product finders live by the rule that images speak louder than words, so the above image shows what ours looks like on the iPhone 3GS.

    The example above shows what happens after searching for "petite coat" in Piccadilly Circus, London.

    As you can see, augmented reality product finders overlay product information (prices, descriptions, and images) on top of the view of the real world. Each product is represented by a marker, giving users an immediate sense of how near or far away a particular product is located as well as the direction it is coming from.

    THUNDRE's augmented reality product finder can be accessed on the iPhone 3GS or Android phones using one of our publishers called Layar, a free augmented reality browser.

    This type of technology is something you would have imagined James Bond using if he were to go out shopping! But now augmented reality product finders have become a reality, and this one by THUNDRE is the first of its kind as far as we are aware. Next stage of development: seeing it on contact lenses!

    "Bricks and mortar" retailers anywhere in the world can add their product info to THUNDRE, which will then appear "live" within seconds of entering it into our product entry system.

  • How do I install THUNDRE's augmented reality product finder?   (top)

  • You need a smartphone with geolocation functionality such as the iPhone 3GS or an Android phone, along with the free application called Layar - an augmented reality browser.

    You can download the "Layar Reality Browser" from your phone's application store (detailed instructions on www.layar.com).

    Next find the layer called THUNDRE product finder - by entering "THUNDRE" or "product finder" into their search. Look out for our icon:

    You may want to add this to your "favourites" tab for easier access in future. Clicking on this layer will take you to a settings page where you can enter a search query for the product you want to find. Closing this settings page results in the THUNDRE augmented reality product finder being launched. Happy shopping!

  • How do retailers get their own AR product finders?   (top)

  • Retailers interested in their own-branded version of this augmented reality product finder should go to NakdReality, our augmented reality search provider. Benefits include hosting services, as well as getting your data published onto the THUNDRE augmented reality product finder.