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Augmented Reality Product Finder Now a Reality

London, United Kingdom - December 7, 2009.

Find products inside shops near you using an "augmented reality product finder" - something you would imagine James Bond using if he were to go out shopping! Just enter your product query and you are ready to go; your location is determined automatically.

As shown in the video on, Paula Abrahamson (CEO of THUNDRE) is using THUNDRE's augmented reality product finder to buy a "petite coat" while out and about in London.

Augmented reality product finders overlay product information (prices, descriptions, and images) on top of the view of the real world. Each product is represented by a marker, giving users an immediate sense of how near a particular product is located as well as its general direction.

"This ability to find out what a store is selling without having to actually set foot inside the store is brilliant," says Paula, "especially if you want to avoid going in and out of every single shop in town to find the item you're looking for! So using an augmented reality product finder is definitely the way to short-cut your shopping."

THUNDRE's augmented reality product finder can be accessed on any iPhone 3GS or Android phone and viewed using Layar, an augmented reality browser which is free to download.

THUNDRE is now ready for "bricks and mortar" retailers world-wide to enter their data. Its current coverage is the United Kingdom.

THUNDRE's hyperlocal product finder technology and data are now available to publishers anywhere in the world with a revenue-share under their own brand.

For details on THUNDRE's pay-for-performance business model and technology please go to



THUNDRE is a hyperlocal product finder and voucher network for bricks-and-mortar retailers across the globe. Retailers' products are promoted via the internet and mobile phones.

THUNDRE powers the world's first augmented reality product finder.

With THUNDRE's "real-time" product entry system, shop and product details can be seen "live" within seconds of retailers entering their data.


Paula Abrahamson, CEO
tel (UK):: 07510 301 499
from the USA:: 001-44-751-030-1499