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No eggs in the house but craving chocolate cake? Want to surprise your vegan friend with a plate of sweet treats but have never baked without eggs or dairy? Following a recipe but have absolutely no idea what it means to “proof your yeast,” “cut in the fat using a pastry blender,” or “use an envelope fold?” Look no further! I’m a nearly lifelong lacto-vegetarian with almost forty years of home-baking experience who can help you navigate confusing recipe directions, obscure baking techniques, and how to possibly substitute ingredients to “veganize” or “vegetarianize” favorite recipes. As the prices for meat, eggs, and seafood soar around the world and available supplies are now harder to come by, more people are turning to plant-based cooking out of sheer necessity. It’s also better for your health and for our planet! Let me help you on your journey to eggless baking.
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