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Presenter: OliviasDelights
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[{"weekday":3,"start":"03:00","end":"04:00","timezone":"Pacific/Auckland","id_ref":"4328ba30480df683f1b6cb3a38d3545e","name":"Vegan Filipino Delight cooking tutorial","description":"As I cook up a delightful Filipino dish, come join me as I describe each step in the cooking process. This Tuesday let's cook up some dinuguan -- aka Filipino \"blood\" soup -- but let's make it vegan! Is it delicious? It is. \nIf you would like to cook with me, please have two 400g of kidney beans ready along with garlic, onions, vinegar, soy sauce, and sea salt.","size":49,"room_type":"class","price_ref":"1638aa2d08b71856a82dab7667e326ee"}]
Presenter: OliviasDelights
I love to cook, and I love to feed people. My speciality is Filipino vegetarian cuisine, since I am from the Philippines and have been vegetarian for the last 4 decades. I raised my 4 children on a vegetarian diet, and even though they now have their own families, I still cook as if I'm feeding an army. If you want any advice on vegetarian cooking or eggless baking -- please do not hesitate to videochat with me! Or perhaps talk to me if you want to know how to convert any Filipino dish into something delightfully vegetarian! My Filipino friends, for example, love my pandesal, and can't believe it's egg-free! I offer a cooking tutorial every Thursday for 60 minutes at 11am EST. As I prepare a vegetarian meal, you can ask me any question you like!
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