Sell your services on the Thundre videochat marketplace
Earn money from your interactive show/class/chat on Thundre!
Instant videochat service.
No need to program or set up any tech.
Monetize your experience and talent.
You set the price. Thundre handles the payments.
No signup fee. No hidden costs.
Thundre charges 10% (min US$2) per payment.
The new way of connecting
Professionals to clients
YouTubers & Bloggers to fans
Tutors to students
How it works
  1. Set up your Presenter’s Profile with the price you will charge, and times you are available
  2. During your times of availability, users can pay to videochat, and Thundre will send you text messages to confirm
  3. Log in to your account, enter the videochat waiting room, and start each videochat

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