Terms & Privacy

  1. Age limit

    You must be aged 16 or over, or accompanied by an adult to use Thundre. (See "Warning about presenters")

  2. Recording of videochats

    We reserve the right to record and monitor any videochats on Thundre for purposes such as dispute resolution, and quality control.

  3. Cancel your payment if unhappy

    If you're unhappy with your videochat for any reason, we give you the right to cancel your payment, within one hour of the end of the videochat.

    If you don't see the cancellation link after finishing your videochat, the menu from the thundre.com home page has a link to the cancellations page. Please use the same device/browser you used for the videochat.

  4. Warning about presenters

    We cannot guarantee presenters' good behaviour, or ensure their advice is accurate, relevant, or wise.

    One reason for this is because we don't hire, or vet, the presenters on Thundre: they are individuals and businesses who remain independent of Thundre. We simply provide the marketplace platform to bring you and the presenters together.

    You agree Thundre is not liable for the consequences of any advice you follow.

  5. Privacy

    We do not share any personal information you provide with third parties.

    When paying for a videochat on Thundre, you will provide payment information to Stripe. See their privacy policy for further information.

    Our own corporate head-quarters are in New Zealand.

  6. Cookies

    We store certain data in your browser, in "cookies", to allow our website and application to function correctly, but do not share this data with third-parties.

  7. Copyright

    All videochat content is the joint copyright of the participants.

    Please do not share a recording on e.g. social media, without the presenter's permission.

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